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the bulldog palace
dutch flowers
greenhouse namaste
la tertulia 
the bulldog
grey area coffeeshop
rasta baby 
tweede kamer 
the dampkring
homegrown fantasy
other side  
de rokerij 

Rasta Baby
Prins Hendrikkade 6-7 (624 74 03). map
Reggae coffeeshop near Central Station with jungle style interior and a glassed-in terrace, which true to style tends to overheat a little during summer. Rasta Baby serves alcohol.
Open daily 9am-1am.
reviews  [107 reviews, avg 9/10]
De Rokerij
Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 41 (622 94 42). map
De Rokerij usually scores well with the Cannabis Cup jurys, and is a real gem in the otherwise touristy Leidseplein area. Knowledgable staff caters to a mix of locals and visitors, and is willing to take time to explain. Laid back atmosphere, with nice murals. Sprouted de Rokerij II (in the Jordaan) and de Rokerij III (near Rembrandtplein).
Open daily 10am-1am.
reviews  [70 reviews, avg 8/10]
Rusland 16 (627 94 68). map
A small split level coffeeshop, right in city centre but on a relatively quiet street, which opened in 1973 and at that time was one of the first of its kind. Besides the usual fare Rusland offers a selection of 40 different kind of teas and snacks. Music videos.
Open daily 10am-1am.
reviews  [32 reviews, avg 9/10]
Brouwersgracht 111 (623 59 09). map
Sixties sounds in a small Jordaan coffeeshop visited by locals as well as tourists, located on a really lovely quiet canal. Siberie's owners express an interest in arts & music, with for example exhibtions of local art, poetry nights and DJ's during the weekend. Friendly atmosphere.
Open daily 11am-11pm (midnight weekends).
reviews  [26 reviews, avg 8/10]
Warmoesstraat 91 (624 14 06). map
Not a reference to the famous rock band but to the stone age, Stones is a coffeeshop in the heart of the Red Light district with a distinct British feel to it. A large room with two entrances, a bar in the middle, a pool table on either side, and the English footy on a big screen. Packed with Brits of course.
Open daily 9.30am-1am (3am weekends).
reviews  [45 reviews, avg 8/10]

La Tertulia
Prinsengracht 312 (623 85 03). map
Small coffeeshop on a corner of beautiful Prinsengracht canal. La Tertulia is Spanish for a social get-together, and abundant flower and plants decorations definitely give this place a southern feel. Nice sidewalk terrace during summer, with a lovely view of the canal of course.

Open 11am-7pm, closed Sun-Mon. 
reviews  [11 reviews, avg 7/10]
Tweede Kamer
Heisteeg 6 (422 22 36). map
A mellow little coffeeshop in a small street just off the Spuistraat, in popular Dutch 'brown' bar format; a bit smokey, a bit noisy and a bit cramped. Very popular with locals though. Good selection of imported weed.
Open daily 10am-1am.
reviews  [37 reviews, avg 9/10]

2e Jan van der Heijdenstraat 79
(664 71 73).
Spacious and airy coffeeshop near the Albert Cuyp daymarket, popular with locals. As it's a bit out of the center Yo-Yo tends to be a little cheaper than most other shops. Laid-back atmopshere, with live music on Sundays.
Open daily noon-8pm.
reviews  [5 reviews, avg 7/10]
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