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Subject: IT/programmer/developer job wanted in Amsterdam
Posted by: Tobias on November 12, 2001 at 17:59:42

I'm a 28 year old male from Sweden thinking of moving to Amsterdam. I need a job! :) I'm a higly educated programmer/system developer. I have a master's degree in electrical engineering, and have four years experience as a computer consultant for the largest phone company/ISP in Sweden. I've been working mostly with developing Internet services, and I'm very familiar with most aspects of Internet/web-programming (Java, Java-servlets, html, SQL-databases, asp-programming, configuring/administrating Win 2000, Active Directory, Linux, Cisco-routers, firewalls, etc). I've also been programming quite a lot in Delphi and a bit C/C++.
I speak and write English fluently.
My ex-girlfriend is half-dutch! :)

Anyone know where/how to start looking? How is the trend in the IT-industry in Amsterdam at the moment? Are the IT-companies hiring people?
Anyone know if I need some sort of work permit when moving from Sweden (inside the European Union)?

Any help is very appreciated!

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