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Subject: Re: How do I find a job in Amsterdam??
Posted by: Cesar Infantes on July 12, 2001 at 04:50:30
In Reply to: How do I find a job in Amsterdam?? posted by Jason on June 28, 2000 at 14:41:50:

Im a spanish girl, 24, trying to save and send my e-mail with your website but my computer doesnt work when I try to send the form
Im very interesting on getting a job in Amsterdam and I would very glad if you can help me
I found your web site thanks to the agency Arbeitsamt Rheine and I would be very glad if you help me as soon as possible
I will be in Amsterdam July 21st to look for a any job at the moment, although Im more interesting on Marketing and Communication Sciences
I send you attached my CV you to know more things about me
Thanks a lot for your support
Waiting your answer
King regards

I am Cesar Infantes Iigo, I have 26 years old. I have studied Applied Physics in Madrid (Spain) and I would like to find a job in Amsterdam.
At the moment I am working in Lycos Europe - Spain, as technical Analyst, and I have enough experience like programmer in various languages ( JSP, J2EE in Weblogic, PHP, ASP), Unix/Solaris, Oracle8i.

and I would be very glad if I found a Job soon, since I have decided to settle down in Amsterdam to live and to work from September.

Thank you for your support

Best regards, Cesar

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