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Subject: BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!
Posted by: daft on February 03, 2008 at 07:13:38

TAKE CARE OF Mark Zoer (Mirk)! We lodged a weekend at his apartment and everything was problems. In order to begin he said to us that in one of the apartments there were two rooms, and when we arrived there was just one. One of the beds, nontapeworm mattress, was cushions of a taken apart car. And above the plates of the kitchen were very dirty. The toilet is shared with the apartment of alongside. And the apartment is not 10 min. of the station, but 25min. When arriving he requested one pays and signal to us of 200 that soon never we recovered completely. He said to us that he would enter it through the bank, and he only gave us back 150. He said that we had left two frying pans dirty and that the cleaning lady charge him an extra 50 of cleaning more... By 50 I clean above and I leave it impeccable! In addition we could know a Swiss pair that lodged in the room of alongside and they explained us that they also had deceived to them... Is sad to have to do post of this type, but is that we have really felt swindled, and we did not recommend it to anybody. If you need more details, you do not doubt in contacting with me


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