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Subject: Re: venue for a group dinner
Posted by: Tubby on October 17, 2007 at 20:36:08
In Reply to: venue for a group dinner posted by jessica on October 17, 2007 at 05:43:45:

Hey there jessica, what s the buzz? It really depends on the type of clientele you are dining and what they might be into (partiers, drinkers, smokers, gay, do gooder holy choir boys, or all of the above). My advice would be to stay away from the always crowded and claustrophobic Leidseplein, but either way that is where you might have to go anyways. I d call the Le Garage, which is a stone throw s away from all the happenenings of the city center and not too far from Vondel Park (considering you guys might need to walk off some of those calories after dining :)). Le Garage, from what I recall takes bookings for parties and it also has a second wing ( Le Garage en Pluche) if a price budget is an issue (on this side they serve street food/grub). It s a nice , fancy place but not too overbearing like most other places in the area. My motto is if you have to overdress to eat, then you can t overeat because of dress. Have fun and remember that you are the customer and you can have anything and everything your way. Best of luck.


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