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Subject: (REVISE)Musician...Needs a place to stay and work (2months), in exchange for english, guitar and cultural lessons.
Posted by: Tubby on October 16, 2007 at 20:35:34

Sup there dippys. Look here is the scoop, I m 31 yrs old, bron and raised in the U.S., currently have 4 part time jobs (you read that rite...4!! friggin jobz) and am killing myself just trying to make a living here in the land of the free . It s getting claustrophobic here as well as expensive and mostly all my friends and family have moved to more secluded places but I decided that after have visited the Dam (in Aug of 07)it is the ideal place for a dippymcNugget like myself. I aint asking for a high rolling job, apartment or even a pair of tickets for a Hillary Duff or Hannah Montana concert. All Im asking for is for a place to crash with some cool, hard working people who would be interested in having some yacky, wacky musician stay with them for approximitely 2months while I get my groove on and re-evaluate my hideous living cycle over here in the states. I would pitch in what I can for expenses and would mentor anyone interested in the cultures, languages ( I know jive and slang brudda), customs and ways of my country as well as offer private guitar instruction (I usually charge 30$/hour here at home to be a decent player). I hope all this doesn t sound to far fetched, crazy or down rite desperate, but this is where everything is at for me. All I m looking for is a warm outreached hand & I ll guarantee you the same. Peace & God bless my fellow humans.


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