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Subject: Re: Smoking in public places
Posted by: Tubby on October 16, 2007 at 20:11:15
In Reply to: Re: Smoking in public places posted by Ronny Graham on October 12, 2007 at 14:43:16:

I smoke where AND when I want to smoke cuz I m an ignorant American. Before I went to the airport on my way back home , my hotel called up some upscale cab service company. Hours later some jabroni picked me up, but I was long gone by then cuz I had smoked my brains out on the curb while waiting for his dumbass to pick me up. During the ride , I sparked up in his back seat & he didn t say shit to me, even tho I can see he was mad. Smoke in public places until told not to do it by the silly men in white polo shirts and shorts who ride their bicyckles (the Polacite/Police)....., that s my motto.  

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