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Subject: Birthday in Amsterdam
Posted by: TheNotoriousDrP on March 15, 2007 at 23:49:07


Im arriving into Amsterdam on the 5th of April (My 24th birthday) and I was wondering if anyone could clue me up a bit about going out on the night.

Im taking my girlfriend to the Moulin Rouge show, wondered how much this would be to get in?

I wanna go to somewhere on the evening to go for a few beers with my girlfriend preferably close to the red light district. Not that fussed about clubbing just having a few good beers without getting ripped off or hasselled.

Also im considering going to the Pink Floyd coffeeshop (I like Floyd) any feedback? Looks like a nice enough chilled place with the computers and stuff (Prices look ok too). I ll probablys only have 1 spliff because I dont smoke it these days.

Also i ve booked the Amstel Botel...bit worried about walking back there late at night...heard a few horror stories. Should I be worried?

Anyone tried the pancake bakery?

Any suggestions?


- The Doc  

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