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oude koeien
time is on our side
- info 2006 not yet available
So here they are: Amsterdam's new year's eve parties! This list is updated as soon as new info arrives, so check for changes. If you can't get a ticket, or if you would rather party outside, you can go to one of the main squares like the Dam or the Rembrandtplein. If you're into really loud bangers go to the Nieuwmarkt, the hub of Amsterdam's Chinese community. The roof of the NEMO museum is open to the public and offers a spectacular view of the various fireworks.


Rembrandtplein 11 (622 11 11).

Line-up: Raymundo, Robert Feelgood, Mark van Dale, Ricky Rivaro, La Ona, Leo van der Weijden, Philip Young, The Flexigan, Giattino, Max Morel, Tom Trago, Lin, Mr Speak, and MC Yanto.

Cover €45, 10pm-5am.  
Ex Pornstar NYE 2006
Kingdom Marcanti
Jan van Galenstraat 6-10 (682 34 56).

Line-up: Real el Canario, Randy G Blomstar, Billy the Klit, Brian S, Wiebthroat, Don Diablo, Roog, Philip Young.

Cover €60, 10pm-5am.

Gloss & Ritmo
Daniel Goedkoopstraat 1-3 (681 88 66). [subway stop 'Spaklerweg']
Latin House Area: D-Rashid, Roog, Rishi Romero, Leroy Styles, Benjamin Brown.
Eclectic Area: Irwan, Switch, Graphix.
Cover €30, 11pm-5am.
Sugar Factory
Lijnbaansgracht 238 (627 00 08).

Line-up to be announced.
Cover €50, 11pm-5am. 

Houseplay NYE
Oostelijke Handelskade 4 (311 86 86).

Line-up: Deep Dish, Redanka, René Vidal, Jan Boom en Jonas Braun.

Cover €45, starts 10pm.
JunkYard 2006
Oosterdokskade 3-5 (626 22 56).

Line-up: 2 x Nix, Diaz Brother, Zender (Rendez-vous), San Proper (Black Disco Bust, Choque), Cinnaman (Rushhour), Mr. Kostas Hom (Cultwash, Voltt) en het duo Polly Esther aka Rachel Hazes & Michelle Sars aka Tante Poes (Twstd, Hatsieklatsie).

Cover €30, starts 11pm.
Loveboat2.0 – Envy
Ocean Diva
Docked at Distelweg 90. (free shuttle service from Panama and Passengers Terminal Amsterdam)

Line-up: Redanka, Lucien Foort, Victor Coral, The Funky Bastard, René Vidal.

Cover €39.50, boarding 3.30-6am, sailing 6-7am, end 9am.  
Loveland - A Brand New Year
Dam 9 (554 91 11).

Line-up: Marnix, Roog, Erick E, Gregor Salto, Hitmeister D, Sander Hucke, DJ Spen.

Cover €55, 9pm-4am.

Lijnbaansgracht 234 (624 17 77).
Live: Amsterdam Klezmer Band, The Phantom Four. DJ's Dab, Robin S., Tommi, Juan.

Cover €40, 10pm-5am.

The Mix Meets Sneakerz
Passenger Terminal Amsterdam
Piet Heinkade 27

The Concert: Fedde Le Grand, Don Diablo, Audio Bullys (live!) (7pm - 10:30pm).
The Party Mainroom: Erick E, Peter Rage (crobar Miami), Lucien Foort, Mc Gee.
The Party Eclectics Room: Billy The Klit, William Shagspeare.

Cover €55, 7pm-4am.

Club More

Rozengracht 133 (528 74 59). map

Line-up: DJ Falcon, Terry Toner, DJ J-Master en Damien Hope.
Cover €50, 11pm-6am.
A Nautic Experience
Wilhelmina Dok
Noordwal 1 (632 37 01).

Fout & Nieuw Dek : Dj Frodo, Dj Guus Geluk, Dj Kapitein Ortega ft.
De Snorkels Rock da Boat Dek: Dj Uvo, Dj Gamelan, Dj's Rosso & Rolex
Cover €25, starts 10pm.
A Night of Monte Scroppino
Reguliersbreestraat 31/33 (530 68 88).
Line-up: Jaziah, Marcel, Bobby Burns, Junior & more.
Cover €50, starts 10pm.
De Oud En Nieuw Viering -
Amsterdams Belang
NDSM werf
Neveritaweg 15.

Line-up: Herr Arter & Pablo Lamberti, Richard Parker, Esther, Le Clic (live), Ramchez & Pep, Zomar, Lauhaus & Boris Werner, Eva Maria, Radar, San Proper, ohrauge & pöks, Dr.Bikini.

Cover €15, 1am-12pm.

Ouwe Koeien
Het Rijk van de Keizer
Haarlemmerweg 711 (497 75 06).

Line-up: Marcello, Per, Wanka, Jp, Lars, Cellie, Rossi.

Cover €22.50, 11pm-6am.

Oud 7 Nieuw
Weteringschans 6-8 (626 45 21).
Line-up: Rednose Distrikt Feat. Aardvarck & Steven de Peven, Antal, Tom Targo, L-Dopa, Mdungu, The Amoks, Chandra Soundsystem, Pete Philly & Perquisite, H.O.T.T, Drum Do Brasil.
Cover €40, starts 11pm.
Supperclub Cruise Butter
Supperclub Cruise
Dock 14 behind central station.

Line-up: Don Diablo, Gregor Salto, Victor Coral, Laidback Luke, Philip Young, Dibby Dibby, Anthony en Sir Dijk.
Cover €55, 10pm-7am. 

Time is on our Side
Singel 460 (624 97 11).

Celcius' Dj, Ed Garage, Chess, We-Be-1.
Cover €50, 11pm-6am.
's Gravesandestraat 51 (850 24 00).
Line-up: Ricky Ricardo,, Zoe Noa, Jermain, Silverious, Mike, Frederik Abas, Ferdinand Lijnkamp.
Cover €50, 11pm-5am.

Heineken Music Hall

Arena Boulevard 590 (311 38 71) [subway stop Strandvliet/Arena].

Line-up to be announced.
Cover €42.50, 9pm-7am.

Happy New Year with VOLTT
Studio 80
Rembrandtplein 17.

Live on stage: Jason & The Argonauts (Cupari, Den Haag), Ion Ludwig (Underline, Leeuwarden), Motio & E-Contact (Phonocult, Groningen).
DJ's: Kostas Hom (Voltt, Amsterdam), Lauhaus (Mono, Traffic, Amsterdam), Bart Skils (Voltt, Static, Amsterdam).

Cover €15, 11pm-6am.
Zebra Lounge
Korte Leidse Dwarsstraat 14 (489 55 00).

Robert Feelgood, D-Rachid, Timothy Watt, Andy Callister, Graphix, L-Chico, Goodgrip, Miss Chianty.
Cover €35, 10pm-4am.

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