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Last update: 28 december

So here they are: Amsterdam's millennium parties! This list is updated as soon as new info arrives, so check for changes. You can get tickets from the Amsterdam Ticket Office (tel 621 12 11) or Club Wear House, Herengracht 265 (tel 622 87 66, fax 638 60 33). See tips for dialing from abroad.

Big Bang 2000
North Sea Venue (Fortress)
Hemkade 48, Amsterdam (Zaandam)
Programme: DJ's Dave Randall, Erick-E, JP, Carlijn, Alexander K, Michael Becks, Marco Bailey, Redhead, Spider, Cellie, Angelo, Erick de Man and many more Live: Captain Tinrib
Time: 11pm-11am
Cost: f147,50 presale

City Of Amsterdam Millennium Party
Dam Square. map
The City of Amsterdam will host a big Millennium Party on Dam Square. Ingredients: a Ferris wheel with a large clock in the middle, and popular Dutch performers including Willeke Alberti, Blof, T-Spoon and Karin Bloemen accompanied by the Metropole Orchestra. Fireworks at midnight, and afterwards Dam square is turned into one giant open air disco, with DJ Corne Klijn playing hits from the last 40 years. The party start at 4pm with a childrens programme.
Time: 4pm-2am
Cost: free

Access 2000
Rembrandtplein 11.   map
Programme: DJ's: Dimitri, Remy, Angelo, Andre, J-roon MC's: Rose, Ja-yson VJ's: Danielle Kwaaitaal
Time: 10pm-7am
Cost: f 177,50 members presale, f 202.50 non-members presale

Club Wat Nu
Weteringschans 6-8 (623 73 48). map
Programme: to be announced.
Time: 9pm-?am
Cost: by invitation only!

Heineken New Year's Eve Party
- The Millennium Edition
Rembrandt plein.  
Al fresco new year's eve party on the Rembrandt square, sponsored by Heineken. Aim of the organizers is to please a varied public with a mix of musical styles. A large crowd is expected, so to ensure a good view even from some distance a tall multi-level podium will be erected. Amongst the performing artists: DJ Eric E, Ruth Jacoth, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Jan Vayne, The Postman en E-Life. The performers will be accompanied by the Disco 2000 Orchestra, directed by Harry van Hoof.
Time: 10pm-0.30am
Cost: free

The Love Train: 2000
Healers Love Boat
boarding behind Central Station. map
Programme: DJ's Erick-E, Bas, Emjay, Edwin Bazen, Stijn & Menno, Bas & Ram, Spider, Per, Josť

Time: Starts 1am, boarding till 3.30am, party till 11.00am.
Cost: f170,- presale   

Melkweg New Year Party
Lijnbaansgracht 234 (624 17 77). map
Programme: The Beatbusters / Electric Fans / En Camino. DJ's Sabotage Sound Surfers: Chaos & L-Dopa, Gijsbert (Pop Arena), Dab & L-Ende.
Time: 10pm-?am
Cost: f85,-

Multi 2000
Rozengracht 133 (623 59 69).
Programme: all multi master DJ's & guests
Time: 11pm-?am
Cost:, f 52,50 presale (before 5-12-1999), f 77,50 presale (from 6-12-1999). VIP-lounge: f152,50 (limited)  

large flyer 
Osaka New Year Party
De Ruyterkade 7 (638 98 33)
Traditional Japan & Teppan Yaki restaurant Osaka hosts a New Year Party in their 12th floor penthouse with a superb view of Amsterdam. Tickets include drinks and Japanese snacks, and champagne at midnight.
Time: to be announced
to be announced.

Fourth Dimension

Oosterdok 2 (531 32 33).
Party in the newMetropolis Crystal Room and several party boats moored beside this science center. DJ's Joost van Bellen, Jefferson, Discotwins, Sander & Jerome, Quinten de Rosario, MC's Nickie Nicole, Covergirl Sonny & Dusty et al.

Cost: f152,50

Timezone Of The Century
ArenaLogo.gif (1930 bytes)Hotel Arena
's Gravezandestraat 51map
Programme: 60's & 70's & 80's & 90's dance music.
Time: 11pm-?am
Cost: f65.

Winston Millennium
Winston Kingdom
Warmoesstraat 123-129 (625 39 120). map

Programme: several bands (a.o. De Jeanetten), cocktails, champagne, "oliebollen" and DJ's.
Time: 10pm-?am
Cost: f35.

Mazzo 2

Rozengracht 114 (626 75 00).
Dj's: Steve Rachmad, Carlijn, Cellie, Estroe and more
Time: 0.30am till late
Price: f101,50 presale only

Kremlin: Y2K
Marcanti Plaza
Jan van Galenstraat 6 (682 34 56).
Dj's: Tiesto, Cross, Emjay
Time: 11pm till ?
Price: f102,50 presale

TranceBuddha Millennium Party
Oudezijds Voorburgwal 216 (422 82 33).
Dj's: Bas & Ram, Zen & Mariano, Fidel, Mr Ed, Astrid
Time: 11pm till ??
Price: f101,50 presale


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