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pasta e basta
a tavola

See also: lounge | drink&eat
Hemonystraat 18 (676 41 82). map
One of the hidden gems of Amsterdam, this little Italian on a corner in Pijp neighborhood. On the menu pizza's, pastas and antipasti, which you eat sharing long wooden tables and benches with the other lucky ones who managed to get in. The chef can be a bit grubby, especially if you ask for parmesan with your Spaghetti a la Vongole, something best not to be tried!
Open Sun-Fri 6pm-11.30pm.
reviews  [no reviews, be the first]
Pasta e Basta
Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 8 (422 22 22). map
Trendy pasta restaurant with a twist - the waiters sing opera arias in-between serving the plates of pasta. Lively atmosphere, popular with large(r) parties, no group reservations allowed during the weekend though. Make reservations well in advance.
Open daily 6pm-11pm.
reviews  [14 reviews, avg 8/10]
Leidsegracht 29 (622 17 01). map
Wonderful little pasta restaurant in a small canalside corner house. Splendid view of the Keizersgracht. Original recipes all with fresh ingredients at very reasonable prices. All pastas can be ordered as a starter or as a main dish. During summer the lovely view of canals and bridges can be enjoyed from the sidewalk terrace.
Open daily 6pm-10pm.
reviews  [13 reviews, avg 6/10]
Utrechtsestraat 96a (330 15 03). map
This has to be one of the top Italian restaurants in town. Not very large, with seating on several levels, but nonetheless a spacious and airy atmosphere. On the menu traditional upmarket dishes, with the Venetian specialties deserving a special mention. Every dish here is perfect, and this perfection has its price, but Segugio really is worth it.
Open daily 6pm-11pm (closed Sun).
reviews  [4 reviews, avg 10/10]
A Tavola
Kadijksplein 9 (625 49 94). map
Unpretentious restaurant, with traditional Italian fare in an informal ambiance. Amiable service, and clearly the dishes are prepared with great love and care. Definitely worth a visit.
Open daily 6pm-11pm.
reviews  [3 reviews, avg 7/10]


Lindengracht 75 (623 28 13). map
Large Jordaan restaurant with Southern Italian cuisine and an interior to match. The large open kitchen makes for a pleasant spectacle while waiting. The staff can be a bit smug, though things seem to have improved. Very popular with locals, so make reservations well in advance!
Open daily 6pm-11pm (closed Sun).
reviews  [7 reviews, avg 8/10]
Rozenboomsteeg 12 (626 01 58). map
vassogevel2.jpg (7598 bytes)Trendy restaurant with a camp rural Italian interior: wooden floors, sturdy tables and chairs, and terracotta walls with cuckoo clocks and deer antlers. The restaurant has an open kitchen and an extra upstairs dining room. Vasso's menu offers traditional Italian country dishes prepared with a twist.
Open daily 6pm-11pm.
reviews  [6 reviews, avg 10/10]

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