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cafe americain
de kroon
in de waag
de jaren
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Haarlemmerstraat 118 (624 42 65). map
Grand cafe done up in a kitsch Art Deco-ish style, catering to a trendy public. Dulac has a balcony and a glassed-in conservatory with lots of private rooms and little corners to sit in. Occasional live music on Sunday afternoons.
Open noon-1am (3am weekends).
Kitchen noon-11pm.

reviews  [4 reviews, avg 7/10]
Spui 22-24 (620 62 64). map
Elegant grand cafe frequented by a generally well-to-do media/advertisement type crowd. Great selection of wines by the glass and great snacks to go with it, though a bit on the pricey side. Large glassed-in outside terrace with a good view of Spui square.
Open 9am-1am (weekends 2am).
Kitchen 11am-11pm.

reviews  [5 reviews, avg 9/10]
In De Waag
Nieuwmarkt (422 77 72). map
Large bar-restaurant in a former weigh house in the oldest city gate of Amsterdam. The decor is impressive with walls a meter thick, and the interior lit by over 300 candles. In contrast with it's medieval interior 'De Waag' offers free Internet facilities. Weather permitting a large terrace is set up outside, with a pleasant view of the hip Nieuwmarkt area.

Open 10am-1am.   

reviews [4 reviews, avg 4/10]
Keizersgracht 449 (625 35 44). map
Walem was the first 'designer' bar, with a trendy interior behind a classic Rietveld facade. It's long and narrow with lots of mirrors and granite, and it has a garden and a small canal side terrace. There's a large selection of newspapers and magazines and good food at moderate prices.
Open 9am-1am (2am weekends).
Kitchen 10am-4pm & 6-11pm.

reviews [4 reviews, avg 9/10]

Roelof Hartplein 1-3 (676 82 20). map
One of the oldest grand cafes in Amsterdam, famous for its Jugendstil interior. Large terrace with a good view of the Roelofhartplein. Very popular during happy hour with business types, media buffs and students.
Open 10am-1am (weekends 3am).
Kitchen 11am-11pm.

reviews  [2 reviews, avg 10/10]
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