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cafe americain
de kroon
in de waag
de jaren
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Cafe Americain
Leidsekade 97 (556 30 39). map
The Cafe of the American Hotel is the oldest Grand Cafe in the Netherlands, and dates from 1902. The building as well as the interior are listed as historical landmarks. The cafe is noted for its large stained-glass windows, and a beautiful Art Nouveau interior with chandeliers and murals. There's an antique reading table with magazines and newspapers abound, and a large outside terrace with a good view of the Leidseplein.
Open 7am-1am.
Kitchen 12-3pm & 6-11pm.
reviews  [4 reviews, avg 7/10]
Zwanenbrugwal 15 (620 90 39). map
dantziginside.jpg (7759 bytes)This large and spacious cafe-restaurant is part of the Stopera building which also houses the city's opera theatre and City Hall. Of course many theatre-goers find their way here. The interior resembles an old library, with bookcases and a big reading table with magazines. Dantzig has a large outside terrace with a great view of the river Amstel.
Open 9am-1am (2am weekends), kitchen 11am-11pm.
reviews  [3 reviews, avg 8/10]


De Jaren
Nieuwe Doelenstraat 20-22 (625 57 71). map
Definitely a very 'grand' cafe, elegant but without too much pretension, catering to a younger public. The former bank building now hosts three bars and a restaurant. Modern interior with a tiled mosaic floor, modern art and a beautiful outdoor terrace overlooking the river Amstel. Separate roof terrace so you can dine outside, weather permitting. Reading table with Dutch and English magazines and newspapers. Reasonable prices.
Open 10am-1am (2am weekends).
Kitchen 6pm-10pm.
reviews  [5 reviews, avg 6/10]

De Kroon
Rembrandtplein 17 (625 20 11). map
Second floor cafe with a ground floor terrace outside. Attracts a mixed crowd of locals and media types due to the fact that the rest of the building houses TV and radio studios. De Kroon is spacious and airy with an interior style blending old and new: chandeliers, large mirrors, contemporary art and modern colors. It has a large glassed-in balcony terrace with a beautiful view of the Rembrandtplein. The restaurant offers an extensive lunch and dinner menu.
Open 10am-1am (2am weekends).
Kitchen 11am-10pm.

reviews  [6 reviews, avg 9/10]
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