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de doffer
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de prins
de schutter
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Mata Hari
Oudezijds Achterburgwal 22 (205 09 19). map
Mata Hari presents itself as a "Bar_Restaurant_Living", an oasis of calm right in the middle of the Red Light District. Indeed the atmosphere is that of a living room, with comfy seats and sofa's and retro lamp shades. Mata Hari has a bar area downstairs, the restaurants is upstairs and offers good views on the hustle and bustle on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal.

Open daily 11am-1am (3am weekends).
reviews  [no reviews, be the first]
De Prins
Prinsengracht 124 (624 93 82). map
A popular bar-restaurant in a beautiful historic part of town. Breakfast, lunch and dinner all at very reasonable prices. Try the famous cheese fondue. During summer it's possible to sit outside, with a beautiful view of the canals.
Open 10am-1am (2am weekends).
Kitchen 10am-10pm.

reviews  [4 reviews, avg 8/10]
De Reiger
Nieuwe Leliestraat 34 (624 74 26). map
One of the first bar-restaurants in the Jordaan, and still very popular. A large place, with a traditional 'brown' interior. Can get crowded, so make reservations if you want to eat.
Open 11am-1am (weekends 3am).
Kitchen 11am-3pm & 6pm-11pm.
reviews  [12 reviews, avg 9/10]
Schiller Cafe
Rembrandtplein 26 (624 98 46). map
schillercafegevel.jpg (6944 bytes)This long and narrow bar-restaurant is part of the Schiller hotel, with an original Art Deco interior that creates a turn-of-the-century atmosphere. The Schiller Cafe has a glassed-in terrace at the front with a good view of the Rembrandtplein.
Open daily 4pm-1am (2am weekends)
Kitchen 6pm-10pm.
reviews  [1 review, 9/10]

De Schutter
Voetboogstraat 13-15 (622 46 08). map
Upstairs 'brown' college hangout with two wood-paneled rooms each with their own bar, and plastered with posters advertising cultural events. Laid-back atmosphere, friendly staff, and cheap food & drink.
Open 11am-1am (3am weekends).
Kitchen 6pm-10pm.
reviews  [10 reviews, avg 7/10]

Sint Antoniebreestraat 142
(622 04 72). map
Large and roomy split-level bar near the Waterlooplein, with eye-catching tile mosaics. Mixed crowd of students, tourists and local shoppers. Kitchen with an extensive lunch menu, at reasonable prices.
Open daily 9am-7pm (8pm weekends).
reviews  [8 reviews, avg 9/10]
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