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Review 6 of 6
average rating 4

Name: Al Shwan
Rating: 5
Date: 26 Oct 2005


The only reason why I give 15 a 5 (and not lower) is that the staff were super friendly and attentive. The atmosphere and décor of 15 is very odd, slightly unsettling even, with a weird mix of styles and kitsch. Comfortable chairs though. And then the food – well, really I am sorry but this was no better than your average gastro-pub experience in London, but at twice the price. Sauces and herbs overpower and marinate the essence of what you eat. We scraped off, squashed out, and wiped off the drippings. Food was generally overcooked. Even 15’s good martinis couldn’t make up for this poorly prepared food that we had such high expectations for (considering Jamie Oliver’s reputation). Overall: leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth to spend a decent bit of money on lousy and inconsistent food.

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