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Review 2 of 6
average rating 4

Name: peter jackson
Rating: 3
Date: 6 Feb 2007


Lured in by the appealing brand of J.O. you feel that this will be something special. The place is extraordinary - a hotch potch of decors and over loud music. Good attentive service but they should tell you up front when booking that it is a fixed 4 course menu. So then you think with J.O. at least it'll be 4 great dishes. Wrong. First course a cold plate of tapas style bits and pieces of very ordinary quality. Second the exception was a good ravioli. Third beef with a baked spud that my teenagers could have executed. Fourth inedible and inflexible rice pud or solid sweet risotto - odd or what? I took it up with the manager who denied all imperfections. Argued it was all organic and had to be good. But it isn't.

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