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Review 12 of 12
average rating 5

Name: MikE
Rating: 10
Date: 16 Mar 2004


I think this place is great. Friendly staff, especially the owner who was there one night and the bartender/coatcheck/door watcher on Monday :-). They have an awesome backroom space, which unlike some other venues is not just a small attic. In addition to the bar area, there's a whole (smaller) room upstairs with the pool table, sling and working bathrooms, but there is also a downstairs with an alcove space with a small dimly lit outerarea so you can see who you are following into the darker back area and also another one toward the front. They also have little rooms with locks where you can go for a little privacy. There's bathrooms down there too. It's not all old, rough, or strictly leather either, I met a really cute 30 year old Dutch guy here and we had a smashing time. Some of the other places may have dancing and strippers, but I would rather participate than watch and if and, if I wanted to go dancing, I would go to a dance club. This place rocks. I HIGHLY recommend it and make it a must visit (at least once or twice if not every night) on every trip to Amsterdam.

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