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Cafe Cuba
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Review 2 of 2
average rating 8

Name: Darryl Abrahamson
Rating: 8
Date: 21 Jan 2004


A very unique place in the center of town!!! The best mojitos I have ever had!!! Cafe Cuba is very laid back and has a wonderful ambiance. They have outside terras seating that overlooks all of the action on the Nieuwmarket, and is right across from de Waag, a great meeting place. Strolling bands and street acts come buy ocassionally adding to the market vibe. They have a small, but good bier selection, and their bar is stocked with justabout any alcohol you would want. Once again, I highly reccomend the house specialty, mojitos!!! There is a pool table in back, in a small terras type of area, they open the large back door and allow you to smoke. for a great time stop at the cafe Cuba!!!

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