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Review 2 of 16
average rating 7

Name: Donnie
Rating: 7
Date: 4 Apr 2006


Best of them all but very crowded on the weekends which gives you a chance to meet other guys. Week nights can be very slow until happy hour starts at 11pm and then it is packed for a couple hours. Nice clean bar....the bathroom is a pain to get to so if you drink lots of beer you will get lots of excercise going to the 3rd floor & you'll have to pay bathroom attendant .50 Euro each time as well. The bartenders were very nice but a word of advice as a tourist.....dont expect them to be overly talkative as they will not be. They also DO NOT expect tips but of course appreciate the tip in the event you do. EXIT and ARC bars are very close by so you can also "barhop" to see what you are missing ......

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