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Eik en Linde
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Review 3 of 3
average rating 9

Name: Colin
Rating: 8
Date: 8 Nov 2002


This place was virtually right next to the hotel we stayed in, (Best Western Lancaster, who tried to rip us off for Breakfasts that we hadn't had! You know who are, Niels Scholte - Resident Manager!) Anyway. the pub was brilliant, I dropped in on a couple of occasions during the day and we also spent a couple of hours in here one evening. The beer is excellent, well kept, good choice and very reasonably priced, I think we only paid E7 for 4 beers! There is a proper billiard table and they seem to have a relaxed attitude to smoking, in fact there were some Kilner jars being passed around for people to roll their own. The pictures on the walls are really interesting and the clientelle is friendly and relaxed. I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone in the area.

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