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Review 19 of 19
average rating 5

Name: Carolyn
Rating: 7
Date: 17 Nov 2000


My husband and I stumbled upon Zushi for lunch one day -- had a fabulous time. The conveyor-belt sushi was a fun touch, and it was nice not to simply reach over and pick off the dishes we wanted to try. One bad thing about the conveyor-belt system, though, is that the less popular items might sit for awhile, and so some of the pieces aren't as fresh-tasting as others. You kinda have to watch the chef, and be ready to snag the good stuff when it goes by! Nice place, though. Great view, clean & fresh ambiance (always nice when raw fish is being served, heh heh). We didn't notice the loud music mentioned in this restaurant's blurb, although perhaps the place gets louder for the dinner crowd.

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