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Van Gogh Museum
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Review 2 of 45
average rating 9

Name: Tubby
Rating: 7
Date: 19 Sep 2007


SImply put...GO VISIT this! Even if your a casual art lover or a hardcore devotee to the arts, leaving this place will leave you higher than any of the herbs you might have smoked during your stay here. Really, no lie. It is both a mental & physical trip seeing Mr. Van Gogh's paintings in real life cause you can see the intensity of the brush strokes & the STILL VIBRANT & almost fresh looking hues in the colors. Every painting takes about 10-15 minutes to soak in, if you really allow yourself to let the painting guide your eyes all over it's silky canvas. I regret not going here more than once, but I was too busy juggling my other adventures around. I'll be back though & hopefully with a more appreciative eyeball towards all the nuances I might have missed. The gift store is the last stop before you head out, nice courteous people working there. Beautiful polite clerks. Just like a Van Gogh painting in motion. Also, take the 5 minute walk over to Vondel Park when you are done & look at the very same flora, grass & activities Van Gogh mite have been inspired by during his lifetime. Truly a treasure in a beautful presentation. P.S. check out the Van Gogh painting that dealt with his Japanesse experimentations/flirtations... just jaw dropping.

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