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Supper Club
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Review 2 of 65
average rating 8

Name: David
Rating: 10
Date: 22 Feb 2007


I have found some great places in A-dam over the years but this place is beyond the beyond. The short description is "fabulous". Everything I read here on the reviews was right and more. If you want to hear me blab on, as I was rushing out of my house for the flight to Holland, I attempted to make reservations for the supperclub. What I realized later was that like an idiot, I called the wrong restaurant. When I arived at the sup club, she naturally couldn't find my reservation but said don't worry and found us a table anyway (it was a busy Sunday night) Awesome and very kind hostess/waiter! Every course of the food was awesome, we ordered wine to go with each part of the meal. The DJ was spinning fat tunes all night which at times went in sync with some entertaining performances up by the front. An incredible place on many levels. Enjoy

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