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Balthazar's Keuken
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Review 2 of 3
average rating 6

Name: cochonverte
Rating: 1
Date: 6 Feb 2007


This place was recommended to me by a good friend from NYC with whom I regularly eat out. It was some years ago that she ate here and really enjoyed the experience then. Unfortunately things must have changed quite drastically. My wife and I loved the ambiance. Very comfy and quite French in some ways. And the staff were very friendly. But that's where the pleasure stopped. I have no objections to a set menu. Chez Panisse has made quite a success out of this formula. I'm not quite so keen on set wines but you have to give things a try... On the night we visited - the 3rd of Feb 2007 - the food and the wine were vying to be acknowledged as the worst aspects of the dining experience. Starters were like amateur party snacks and the main courses were very poorly executed with the fish being inedibly dry and tasteless. Deserts were OK but unmemorable. I would not recommend this place except to masochists.

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