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Winston Kingdom
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Review 2 of 2
average rating 9

Name: gi
Rating: 9
Date: 1 Jul 1999


STARIGHT-FORWARD ROCK FROM DAWIDOWITZ "I'm a bloodsucking consultant, so you'd better take my advice." The mainly longhaired and leather jacketed audience of Winston Kingdom most have wondered what is going on, for singer/guitarist Martijn does look the part; in his business suit he seems to have walked out of a board meeting right on to the stage. Thank God for his counterpart, bass player/singer Monique who battles the corporate man with a relentless baseline and a fierce look in her eye. No cute stuff here, this is Dawidowitz. The band brings a catching combination of punk, rock and wave music. As a beginning band, they may lack some concert experience, but the enthusiasm surely makes up for minor mistakes. Give them a few more gigs and they are ready for the bigger venues. So, keep an eye on them: that is, if you're looking for a good night out with music that tickles your eardrums. Band: Dawidowitz Place: Winston Kingdom Time: Wednesday 30th June 21.30

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