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Review 2 of 23
average rating 8

Name: Robert
Rating: 9
Date: 29 Jul 2006


*** Vliegenbos Review Part 2 What I liked was that there was blue light in showers and toiletts in order to keep that shitty junkies away, because they can't find their vein in the blue light. If u wanted to get to amsterdam, u had to walk 1.6 km (took a measure with google earth) till 1 of 3 ferry boats, which brought u directly to the amsterdam centraal station (for free) which is quite the city center of a'dam. the closest coffeeshop was I think the rastababy, approximatly 2 minutes away from the station. You could also rent bike at MacBike in the Centraal Station, which I would recommend. All in all, the Camping Site was excellent, and I'm going there again in 5 days. I can just recommend it to everyone, and especially for those who just go there to smoke some weed, because the staff has a relativly strict antidrugs policiy, but they don't count weed as drug, (more or less because some smoke themselfs) and they at least told the cracksmokers in the hut beneath us to go inside in order not to be seen. There's also a big sign in the public area saying "No Drugs", which refers to hard drugs. All in all I have to say: chose Vliegenbos and you'll have a nice stay!

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