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The Flying Pig Uptown
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Review 2 of 22
average rating 8

Name: Patrick
Rating: 9
Date: 18 May 2005


As far as a youth hostel is concerned, Flying Pig gave me the full smoker's experience. I am comfortable enough to take shrooms and chill at the bar. Easiest place to meet people. Just say hi!!! I am now here. You are only allowed 7 days maximum stay...but you can "rotate" between their other places, one is by the beach!!! The staff count on guest to be self-sufficient when it comes to cleansiness. You can use the kitchen but clean after yourself, dishes and all... I am 31. Most people are in their early twenties. I when on a bike tour with Mike Bike. Ask the reception. Email me for more answers to questions you may have. The "Volndelpark Youth Hostel" is across the park from the Pig. No smoking or drinking there. Best advice I can give you is "rent a bike". Happy trails. PS I could give it a 10 but I am not experienced enough to judge so extreemly...

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