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The Flying Pig Uptown
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Review 1 of 22
average rating 8

Name: Simone Brennan
Rating: 10
Date: 27 Apr 2006


Directions werent great from central station but you ge the jist of it when you just keep walking...its a good thing the hostels so dam central that you cant bloody miss it although we did walk by it a couple of times when we were stoned...rule for amsterdam, allways look up for signs, there not at eye level. Would def recommend staying from thursday night to mon as thurs is happy hour all night and saturdays are crazy!! loose all inhibitions in Amsterdam..just talk to ppl, if you stay in a hostel you obviously want atmosphere so just go for it...good coffe shops would definitly have to include Kadinskis...good weed at great prices even if he is a little creepy and straight across the alleyway is a MUST, its a bar and smoke shop thats also owned by kadinski so you can smoke in it, the guy in the smoke shop is dead on and is good for a bit of advise on what to do for your stay, walk in the centre of the streets as there is metal on the sides of the road and as it was snowing the entire time we were there getting stoned usually meant you had to pick yourself off the NOT bring cameras on to the red light, the girls arent that friendly and dont make the mistake that we did in askin cud we get a pic with them lol. all in all this hostel is the best in a crazy yourself, have fun!

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