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The Flying Pig Downtown
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Review 1 of 48
average rating 7

Name: Tubby
Rating: 9
Date: 19 Sep 2007


This is a textbook definition of a youth hostel. Young to middle aged people finding refuge in a well staffed hostel. The only downside is alot of the crowd are LOUD party british kids who are trying to act cool & stupid in front of other young dumb people. I had to share my room with 3 of these jackasses, though I didn't let it bring me down cause the overall environment is still safe & welcoming. The only thing I ask people if they stay here is to say hello & TIP your fellow cleaning guy or girl cause they really work hard & they try to keep the ethic of the Flying Pig which is to maintian clean environmentally friendly rooms. You can even donate your deposit to help fund this ethic & you can see it put into action the minute you walk into a room that is ready to be used. The down side is you cant smoke in the rooms... but that gets taken care of by your best friend in the world by the name of Mr. PlasticBag, just put him around the smoke detector. Also, I have to mention again, the staff is beautiful, both physically & personally. Nice people & nice cleaning crew. I want to throw out a chicago style shout out to the main dog Cil, for making sure my 1960 Fender Telecaster guitar didn't get stolen or molested when I left it with him for 6 hours. Another shout out to the dude that cleaned my shower & toilet before I had to use it (I had the runs & mentioned it to him and he STILL cleaned it before I used it). Now if that isn't service, understanding & patience, I don't know what it. Long live the Pig.

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