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Leidse Square Hotel
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Review 3 of 3
average rating 8

Name: Tom
Rating: 7
Date: 10 Mar 2000


I rate it a 7 given that it is listed as a moderate hotel. The rooms are ok. A lot of channels on the television (including 2 BBC) and great showers. In fact the only fault I could find with the rooms is that the towels are very rough. The rest of the hotel is ok. The bar is small but there was hardly anyone in it when we were there. The breakfast was ok, lots of breads, cheese and sliced meats. There was also cereals and boiled eggs. The main thing is that the staff were very nice and the location is great. Lots of trams stop about 100m from the hotel but it is off on a side street. All in all we loved Amsterdam.

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