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De Schutter
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Review 1 of 11
average rating 7

Name: Nick
Rating: 9
Date: 13 Jul 2008


My girlfriend and I went here and we really loved it. Amsterdam is a relatively expensive city to eat in so we were looking for somewhere with good food, good atmosphere and a reasonable price. There really is no need to worry about it being pitched as a student haunt, there was a real mix of people when we went. I had the marinated pork skewer and my girlfriend had the steak. Both were tender, tasty and very affordable for this city. The portions were a decent size without being pointlessly big and the service was quick and friendly. Honestly, this is a great little place to eat, especially when you consider that the other nearby alternative is the usually disappointing Leidseplein, where you will pay a bit more for some very average food whilst sat in a rather unattractive alleyway. Give it a try!

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