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average rating 10

Name: Anne-Marie Bradshaw
Rating: 10
Date: 13 Apr 2000


Having arrived for our first weekend in Amsterdam, us intrepid travellers (3 women in our thirties) trotted off the length of Singel canal down to Leidseplien in hope of finding a night club which was friendly, reasonable, and fun to be in. First we visited two other establishments in the area, they weren't 'it' and it was my it definately needed to be 'it'. We went into Reynders and at first thought it was too crowded. The men and women all seemed to be 8 foot tall, and drinks were being passed over our heads left right and centre ! Once we had found a spot to stand and established that this was OUR SPOT, we had an excellent night. The bar staff were so friendly. The owner made a special point of talking to us about our local football team. We were particularly impressed when he knew that the manager of Coventry City is Gordon Strachan !! Having spent 4 more nights in Amsterdam, we can honestly say that Reynders was the jewel in the crown, and would definetely recommend that you pay it a visit !!

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