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average rating 7

Name: Nick T
Rating: 5
Date: 19 Apr 2005


Stayed here 11th to 15th April 2005, encouraged by the posotive response on this site. We had booked a Deluxe Double room via However, upon arrival we were shown to a small room with two single beds, and a decided lack of Deluxness. Unless of course you call missing chunks of carpet, wiring hanging from the ceiling, peeling paint work in the bathroom, shower rail held up by electricians wire, and a rather noxious smell everwhere, err... luxurious! OK it was cheap for this time of year 225 euros, but come on Hotel Quentin, this room generates between 25 and 30k a year, get down to Ikea and sort it, stopping off for some air freshener on you way back!

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