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Review 2 of 13
average rating 6

Name: Margheritta
Rating: 2
Date: 20 Dec 2009


This is NOT and Italian restaurant. Assuming that you might as well enjoy it. Just not expect a good pasta al dente, do not expect a real risotto as done in Milan. Otherwise you might be extremely disappointed as we were. The creams, the sauces all well could have been a flemish interpretation of the Italian kitchen but is far from being Italian. The location is nice, the service does not make any effort, tables are absurdly close to one another so one have to make an effort not to hear others conversations and the place is very drafty and unprotected if cold outside. Just a TOURIST TRAP. Prices makes not sense with quality or proportion. Try cinema paradiso, toscanini or any in de Jordaan area. You deserve something better.

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