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Meeting Point
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Review 1 of 38
average rating 7

Name: Tubby
Rating: 7
Date: 19 Sep 2007


F this point. They didn';t take me in cause I didn't have another person to check into with. They told me on the phone that they DID have single rooms, then when I get there it's a nother story. I gave them the jabroni's name that took my order & they didn't even question him or anything. Also, this place is mostly for gays ( I DONT HAVE NOTHING WRONG WITH GAYS, I just dont swing that way, u dig?), so if your looking to meet hot chix or girls, youd better be of the same sex. Also, it's in the smack middle of shopping hell, the minute you leave the Meeting Point's front room, you get hit with a crazy Brazillian guy & his medicore looking girlfriend carrying greasy pizza slices & overpacked shopping bags from the souvenir store. By the time you reach the curb, the crazy half stoned African drug peddlers are whistling & asking you for "Cocaine, heroin?" I don't need that shit, I have Chase & Mastercard after my ass already.

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