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average rating 7

Name: Svetlana
Rating: 2
Date: 7 Feb 2010


I've been to this restaurant 2 years ago, and I was so repulsed by seeing the chefs smoking over our desserts, that I havent been there until last week. Someone else decided we should go there, so i decided to give Du Lac another chance. The servants were very rude. It was very quiet, but still they found no time to check if we needed refills, and only after making a complaint they came to check if we wanted to order desserts after they handed us the dessertmenu half an hour before that. The menu overall looks great, lots of varieties, but the gambas I ordered were all dried out and it was way too spicy. The beef my friend had was dry too, and overall I just think the cooks were not capable of cooking. I hardly ever have complaints on restaurants, but this was just such a bad experience and my complaint was not handled nice at all, so I needed to do something about that. Do not eat there if you dont want your night to be ruined.

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