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Jan Luyken Hotel
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average rating 8

Name: UK Visitor
Rating: 7
Date: 13 Nov 2002


If you have read that this is now a 'boutique' hotel then be aware! The rooms have indeed been recently refurbished in a trendy & contemporary manner but the rest of the hotel remains untouched to date. The bar, lobby and lift are all still very traditional and a bit tatty in places. On a positive note it is spotlessly clean, the staff are very friendly and its in a great location. We paid only 90 euros/night for a standard (i.e. small) room - pretty good value we thought. The KLM transit bus from Schipol drops you at the hotel for 10 euros each way but be careful, the return bus didn't turn up and we had to rush to get a taxi which cost 40 euros! Nov 2002.

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