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Grand Amsterdam
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Review 3 of 10
average rating 9

Name: Michael Peel
Rating: 7
Date: 11 Mar 2002


Not a review of the hotel but of the Cafe Roux, which is the best value restaurant in Amsterdam. Albert Roux of 3-star Michelin / Gavroche fame oversees the cooking here and has got an excellent brigade in place. The daily menu is extraordinarily good value offering 3 courses and three choice in each course. Good bread, excellent coffee and pleasant and professional (if somewhat slow) service add up to making this the preferred place to eat in formal surroundings in Amsterdam - especially on a reasonable budget. The la carte is good value too and has a wide range of choice that will satisfy even the most fussy of eaters. In the summer you can also eat in the courtyard, which has an almost Spanish feel to it. The wine list is excellent and overseen by the sommelier Noel, who is both enthusiastic and knowledgeable. I had many friends stay at the hotel, none of whom have been disappointed in any way. Second only to the Amstel Hotel - much more on top of things than the L'Europe, which has lost the plot during the last few years.

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