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Grand Amsterdam
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Review 2 of 10
average rating 9

Name: richardson browne
Rating: 10
Date: 10 Oct 2003


My wife and i stay at the Grand twice a year, on our first trip we stayed at Hotel l'Europe, both 5 star hotels. We flat out fell in love with the Grand. The greatest bedding in the world, very casual feel the the place, there's never anyone in the spa or pool so i have it to myself, a great feature when traveling. Now mind you, we are paying 600 euro for a one bedroom suite, but that's pretty reasonable in Europe. Cafe Roux for breakfast is worth the 22 euro per person cost, great fresh juices. We are in the restaurant business so we really go to Europe for the hotels and restaurants, and we can't wait to go back, which will be jan 1. GREAT HOTEL!

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