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Grand Amsterdam
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Review 10 of 10
average rating 9

Name: Chris Smith
Rating: 10
Date: 17 Nov 1998


Possibly the best hotel in Amsterdam. OK, it's expensive, but even the cheapest hotels in Amsterdam are expensive. For your money you'll get beautiful rooms, very large and light, in a wonderful Art Deco building. I've previously had the good fortune to be upgraded to an apartment, which had 3 bedrooms (each en-suite), a dining room, kitchen and lounge, with it's own separate entrance to the street. However, even in the "regular" rooms, you'll find it a lot cosier than your average business hotel,5 plus you get lots of extras: robe/slippers and a fax machine for instance. The beds are just about the cosiest and most comfortable I've ever slept in. (If I could have fit the mattress in my suitcase I'd be sleeping on it tonight) The food is great, the restaurant has one of the Roux brothers (not the one who makes desserts unfortunately) as consultant chef or something, and it's quite reasonably priced. It's in a great spot too, very close to the Dam and the red light district, but not so close that you'd notice once you're inside. One person in our group did report being robbed at knifepoint nearby, but that's extremely rare for Amsterdam, and even more so for this area where there are so many people about. I think he was just very unlucky. I've attended several conferences there and the meeting rooms are extraordinarily beautiful and interesting. This is NOT your standard soulless "I could be anywhere in the world right now" international business hotel. I've only ever been there for business reasons, but I could imagine it's a great place for a romantic weekend too, certainly you can get married there, and those beds are made for staying in. At these prices though, it would have to be true love.

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