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Gaasper Camping
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Review 1 of 20
average rating 7

Name: Hamish Burns
Rating: 3
Date: 27 Jun 2008


"Gaasperplas", fun to say- But I Wouldn't recommend it to the worst of my enemies. Please excuse the slightly "ranty" nature of my review.... I love Amsterdam, and the dutch are awesome. But this campsite is run by the mean old wench. My flight was at 10pm at night and she wouldn't let me stay a minute past 12pm, despite my tent taking up 0.0015% of their 8 acre campground. And wanted to charge me an extra 1.50 Euro for leaving at 12:15 Though it is it in ostenibly a beautiful location (next to 166 hectare park with lakes walks etc) is is situated on the edge, right next to the Main ring road, and directly underneath the flight path to the airport. So it is very noisy during the day. Location is ok, 25 mins by train but difficult at night (45 mins on nightbus). And is arguably the worst situated of the campgrounds in the dam. My first 3 nights were at Vliegenbos, which whilst it wasn't perfect it is miles ahead of Gassplerplas! Enter at your own risk!

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