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Review 2 of 4
average rating 7

Name: Deb Stuart-Smith
Rating: 1
Date: 28 Nov 2002


Appalling! We arrived at 9pm Sunday evening. The menu was only in Spanish and Dutch and the waiter was not particularly friendly. We both had steak (entrecote patatas) and to say that it was still moo-ing would be an understatement. We were left with a pool of blood on the plate at the end of the meal along with one uneaten steak which had become progressively tougher as the meal went on until it reached complete inedibilty! The decor was terrible - surely they could spend some of the profits doing the place up a bit? There were live wires hanging off the wall, nasty Formica cladding on the walls and the place had a dingy feel about it. I wouldn't recommend this restaurant to anyone. We only went there because it was recommend in the guide book…why, I have no idea?

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