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Bridge Hotel
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Review 9 of 9
average rating 8

Name: Scott
Rating: 9
Date: 3 Aug 1998


My wife, 2 children (ages 10 and 13) and I stayed at The Bridge Hotel for about a week during the summer of 1997. The children had a separate room from us. The hotel was very clean, and the rooms were a nice size for the price. Staff were very considerate as well. We received excellent recommendations on places to go/see. It is in easy walking distance to where we wanted to go - though we rented bikes to do most of our traveling (which is highly recommended). Perhaps most importantly, we felt very comfortable with the kids staying in their room when we went out on a couple of occasions. We let the front desk know that they would be alone so that staff would be attentive - and they were!!. I definitely recommend The Bridge Hotel.

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