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De Bolhoed
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Review 1 of 9
average rating 8

Name: mad about de bolhoed
Rating: 9
Date: 21 May 2007


This is my favourite restaurant in Amsterdam! I have been there twice (and will go as many times before i leave) now and each time i have selected the Vegan meal of the day for dinner. It is healthy and extremely filling- different textures meshing together beautifully. Tempei and mushroom stuffed zucchinni; broccoli with home-made mustard sauce; beautiful red capsicum stuffed with brown rice and finely sliced vegetables; salad; all in one meal. You must go with someone/group and get the mixed dips (also try the red bean dip) which comes with different breads and chips for selection. The tzaziki is amazing. the only complaint i have is that they just feed you too much! The vegan plate spills over with all its different elements leaving absolunately no room for dessert! Highly recommended! (I'll go with you anytime!) Don't forget to go there hungry and wear elasticated pants/dress! Happy eating! Tot ziens. :)

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