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Bob's Youth Hostel
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Review 2 of 40
average rating 7

Name: Tubby
Rating: 7
Date: 19 Sep 2007


English_Backpacker got it rite. I'm sorry to hear about his experience cause the same sh*t happened to my dumbass too, though I was traveling alone. Rude service, racist staff & shady , comatose (not high) people in the bar room. I was so tired & weary when I got here cause I had JUST arrived into town & the staff just had me wait like a f'ing dog while they talked on the phone. I stuck with it until they started getting racist with me cause they kept slipping innuendoes into our conversation that I quickly caught onto. I really don't know how this place is open. F'ck Bob, f'ck this place, f'ck the building & the mice that probably vacate it.

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