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De Belhamel
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Review 1 of 18
average rating 8

Name: Tim
Rating: 9
Date: 30 Jan 2007


Found it by chance, sheltering from the rain upon arrival to telephone our hotel (New Amsterdam) for directions - so close the receptionist could see us. The restaurant looked so inviting, with its old-world charm and gloomily glamorous Art Nouveau interior, that we booked it for later that night and were rewarded with a memorable meal. Melt-in-the-mouth tuna carpaccio, an intensely flavoured mushroom 'French toast' with truffle oil, and a Chateaubriand that ranks as one of the best steaks (served sliced and almost rare) I've had, complemented by a pungent sauce. The wine list was good too, and we chose a very drinkable Spanish red. To top it off, we had the prime table, overlooking the junction of both canals from our cosy candlelit vantage point in the window. Contrary to previous reports, service was friendly and efficient and we took coffee in the womb-like gothic glamour of the bar where you can also smoke.

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