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Het Amsterdamse Bos
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average rating 5

Name: Brendan
Rating: 1
Date: 7 Oct 2007


***** I can only advise you STAY AWAY from this camp site **** The owner was VERY abusive and threatened physical violence to me and a group of 20 year old girls. We called the police it was so serious and are continuing to try to get the police or the VVV to act before he hurts someone. We had a problem accessing cabins after the reception was closed. We had been informed that the cabins would be left open. On arrival they were locked. As were several other camping cabins. When the owner arrived he was not there to open the cabins, was verbal assaulting and threatening violence to a group of 5 young ladies. He then turned on me, we had to call the police…… !! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED… find another place to stay

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