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Review 3 of 4
average rating 10

Name: Mark Issacs
Rating: 10
Date: 26 Jun 2000


I've stayed at the Amstel for several years (when my corporate travel department couldn't find anything cheaper or when I was feeling flush on my personal card). The place still amazes me! I live in Amsterdam now, so the fact that I still go there for a weekend now and then probably tells it all. Is it worth the money? Yes! Damn it, it is! In my younger days when I'd go our pub crawling until 5 AM (which is still possible in A'dam) the hall porter (butler) would have a tray of sandwiches and cocoa waiting in my room! I tipped well, but the sandwiches and cocoa never showed up on my bill. Just one of the numerous "little touches" that have made the Amstel a fav of mine. Recommend it? Yes! Definitely! I only regret that I cannot afford to give up my apartment and live there full time!

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