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American Hotel
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Review 19 of 20
average rating 8

Name: ben
Rating: 5
Date: 8 Jan 2001


Kind of a disappointment. Firstly, despite making a reservation through my airline's website at Dfl. 325 per night, the hotel charged me their regular rate of Dfg 375. The hotel is also undergoing significant renovations which means no fitness center and no lobby. Also, the construction noise was a little annoying, even on the 5th floor. I might wait to stay there until they're done. They did not notify me of these renovations--i had to find out after i reserved a room, from a different website--and only provided details when i specifically asked which parts of the hotel would be closed. The restaurant/"Grand Cafe" and bar are both incredibly expensive--even with the favorable exchange rate, I believe i paid over $9 for a vodka tonic in the bar. I was under the impression that there would be cheaper options in the in-house restaurant but this was not the case. Overall, I was expecting a facility a little more "hip" and in touch with its location on the lively Leidseplein--however, it felt rather dead and was full of older european tourists. The room was nice, and the location convenient, but it was not worth the price. I would recommend the hotel to older couples who want a deluxe hotel for a cheaper price--but for those of us who want someplace kind of cool, I'd suggest looking elsewhere.

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