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Ambassade Hotel
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Review 22 of 22
average rating 7

Name: Michael Schneider
Rating: 9
Date: 27 Jun 1998


We stayed at the Ambassade Hotel the beginning of May for 5 days. It was our umteenth stay there since '76. Its on the Herengracht Canal and is a string of 17th century canal houses all carefully linked together with all the conveniences of a 5 star hotel; its a 3 star ranked. The rooms are very well appointed with modern showers and lots of lavish towels. There's a safe in each room that you set your own combination as well as a multi channel tv with the BBC,ITV, German, Italian, French as well as Netherlands tv. The breakfast room is huge with a huge french window that looks out on the Herengracht and gives you a splendid view. Breakfast is a softboiled egg served with a large plate of cheeses, ham & butter complete with a fresh assortment of rolls. On the buffet table is yogurt, cereals, juices & fresh fruit. Theres 24 hour room service available if you want a snack or drinks. I didn't mention that its central to everything and of course the staff are multi-lingual & extremly helpful for tips on good places to dine in the nabe.

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